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Tulle by Apaiser

May 06, 2022     canDANA
Inspired by iconic architectural contours and exquisite haute couture gowns, Tulle is a compelling collection of bathware, handcrafted by Apaiser artisans. Named after the exquisite fabric tulle, which is synonymous with bridal gowns, haute couture and classical ballet, tulle is the embodiment of lightness and sensuality, delicate strength and purity. Dating back to the 18th...Read More

Reflex by antoniolupi

December 12, 2020     canDANA
Once in a while a new bathroom product is released that completely wows us here at Candana. Reflex by Italian bathroom trendsetters antoniolupi is exactly that. Unlike anything we’ve seen before, the Reflex range is made from a new material designed specifically by antoniolupi: Cristalmood®.  The Reflex range features a translucent design available in a plethora...Read More

Sirene by DADOquartz

September 10, 2020     canDANA
The bathtub is the most intimate and personal part of your bathroom. Your own private sanctuary. DADOquartz® bathtubs strive to awaken and enhance these emotions and to promote your wellbeing. Sirene bathtubs and basins have been selected by the most experienced and skilled architects and designers from all around the world, whom we listen to and learn...Read More

VOLA Release New Colour: Matt White

June 10, 2020     canDANA
You might imagine that after 51 years at the forefront of contemporary Danish design, VOLA might feel like slowing down. Not so. Today, VOLA announces a new finish to its colour range – colour number 28 – matt white. Beautifully pure and unmistakably matt, it is the perfect addition to the range of 14 colours available today. In...Read More

We’re Hiring!

May 28, 2020     canDANA
Candana are looking for a Full Time Sales and Design Consultant to join our team in Woollahra, Sydney. The ideal candidate will have strong skills in customer service and a passion for all things design. Experience in Interior Design or Architecture is advantageous. Please email your cover letter and resume to for more information

Showroom Update- 19th May

May 19, 2020     canDANA
  With the current relaxing of restrictions in NSW, we have decided to open the showroom and resume normal trading hours (9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday) starting from Monday 18th May. Please note we will continue to enforce social distancing measures during this time and will only allow up to 10 people (including staff) in...Read More

Showroom Update- 5th May

May 04, 2020     canDANA
Candana will be open by appointment only as of the 11 of May. As the owner of Candana I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the people of NSW for the tremendous work we have done to slow down the spread of COVID-19. As a result I now feel comfortable...Read More

Showroom Update- 3rd March

March 25, 2020     canDANA
  During these unprecedented times Marc, Richard, Judy and the team at Candana wish you all the best. We hope you are safe, secure and remain positive. We will come through this together and will be stronger  than ever before when this all settles down. In the meantime we are still at work but have...Read More

Pantone Colour of 2020… Classic Blue

December 05, 2019     canDANA
It’s the start of a new era, a new decade in fact and with the new year we welcome Pantone’s Colour of 2020: Classic Blue! There was much debate about the anticipated colour choice, but now that it is released it makes a lot of sense. We at Candana predict blue to be a huge...Read More

CANDANA x Oliver Thom

October 02, 2019     canDANA
You may have heard some whispers around town that there’s a new bathroom accessories store on the scene. Well you’ve heard right, and we are excited to finally announce that Oliver Thom is an extension of Candana and a collaboration between Candana owner Marc Reed and ex-Candana senior design consultant Kaety Thompson. ”Over the years...Read More