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March 25, 2020     canDANA
  During these unprecedented times Marc, Richard, Judy and the team at Candana wish you all the best. We hope you are safe, secure and remain positive. We will come through this together and will be stronger  than ever before when this all settles down. In the meantime we are still at work but have...Read More

Pantone Colour of 2020… Classic Blue

December 05, 2019     canDANA
It’s the start of a new era, a new decade in fact and with the new year we welcome Pantone’s Colour of 2020: Classic Blue! There was much debate about the anticipated colour choice, but now that it is released it makes a lot of sense. We at Candana predict blue to be a huge...Read More

CANDANA x Oliver Thom

October 02, 2019     canDANA
You may have heard some whispers around town that there’s a new bathroom accessories store on the scene. Well you’ve heard right, and we are excited to finally announce that Oliver Thom is an extension of Candana and a collaboration between Candana owner Marc Reed and ex-Candana senior design consultant Kaety Thompson. ”Over the years...Read More

NEW: United Products

June 18, 2019     canDANA
Ever find yourself looking for an item so specific that you fear nothing will live up to your Pinterest “Dream Bathroom” board? Well, that’s what happened to the design collective at United Products. Instead of giving up on the search for the perfect bathroom fittings, they created them. Born straight out of Melbourne, United Products...Read More

Trend: Fluted Glass

April 05, 2019     canDANA
In recent years we’ve seen many changes in bathroom screen styles; from frameless screens to heavy black frames and even coloured glass. The newest trend to hit bathrooms is the introduction of textured glass! On a practical level, ribbed glass has long been embraced in spaces of the home like the kitchen or entryway to...Read More

Trend: Modern Mediterranean

February 21, 2019     canDANA
One of our favourite new trends which has been popping up in interiors and architecture for a little while now is Modern Mediterranean and it translates perfectly into bathrooms. This aesthetic includes polished plaster walls, terracotta tiles and warm tones such as rust, olive green and ochre. The look is relaxed, summery and a fresh...Read More

Favourite Candana projects 2018

January 21, 2019     canDANA
2018 was a great year for Candana so we thought we would share some of our favourite projects of the year to give you some inspiration for 2019! We are so grateful to be a part of such amazing projects throughout Sydney and so thankful that we get to deal with the best designers and...Read More

Pantone Colour of 2019… Living Coral

December 07, 2018     canDANA
  It is with bated breath that we await Pantone’s announcement each year as to which colour will be the trend in design, fashion and general lifestyle. 2018’s Ultra Violet proved to be a polarising one and I think 2019’s may have the same effect. We present to you the colour of 2019: Living Coral....Read More

NEW: Halo Marble by Brodware

November 12, 2018     canDANA
Opulent style uniquely forged by nature. The medium of ancient sculptors, marble decor speaks to a stylist with refined tastes. The Brodware marble Halo range delivers effortless elegance with unique veining forged over the eons. A timeless look for any bathroom or kitchen, the individual marble fixtures exude a sense of richness, opulence and tradition...Read More

Trend: Breeze Blocks

August 09, 2018     canDANA
Ok, you’re probably thinking what do breeze blocks have to do with bathrooms? But trust me, this architecture trend has infiltrated interiors and can definitely work for bathrooms! The humble breeze block became popular in the suburban homes of the 60s and 70s. Used initially for shade and privacy, they soon became a decorative item...Read More