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Month: April 2015

Stand by Norm Architects

April 21, 2015     canDANA
Modernist details of 1920s and ’30s Victorian interiors are reinterpreted in the ‘Stand’ product line by Danish Norm Architects.   The simple, minimalist bathroom and home furnishings were created for Italian company ex.t, and will be released during Milan Design Week 2015.               In line with the soft essentialism...Read More

Surprise Inspiration: The Grand Budapest Hotel

April 07, 2015     canDANA
Wes Anderson’s 2014 masterpiece was filled with swoon-worthy imagery. From the delightful colour-ways to the awe inspiring scenery, Wes has created a world which inspires happiness & whimsy. So why not use this tantalising palette to inspire your bathroom design?          1. Vola HV1 basin mixer, white 2. Frost Camouflage hook, pink 3. Duravit...Read More