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Month: January 2012

Top 5… Overhead Showers

January 31, 2012     canDANA
Tremillimetri by Gessi   Urban Rain square by Candana Goccia by Gessi PuraVida by Hansgrohe   Segni by Gessi

Bathrooms: U.S vs. Oz

January 26, 2012     canDANA
U.S Bathrooms The Americans have always been known to have a ‘bigger is better’ mentality to all aspects of life; food, architecture, cars etc. So it makes sense that their bathrooms are typically large, full of life and personality. They have no fear of wallpapers and colour; dark finishes such as brass, copper and heavy...Read More

Everyone should have…

January 23, 2012     canDANA
…a bath-sofa, à la Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  

Surprise Inspiration… Holiday snaps

January 20, 2012     canDANA
We all know that inspiration for an interior can often come from the most unexpected places and on my most recent trip to my home town Siracusa (on the Italian island of Sicily) I found myself imagining amazing colour schemes for interiors just from the natural landscapes. Gorgeous greens with brass accents, brilliant yellows with...Read More

Everybody needs a bit of love…

January 17, 2012     canDANA
… in their bathroom  

Candana post-Christmas party… Kangaroo Valley

January 12, 2012     canDANA
Kangaroo Valley Golf & Country Resort Two Figs winery With a hectic 2011 wrapping up, Candana had no time to celebrate Christmas. So we decided to take a wonderful weekend away in the new year to relax and have some fun before starting up again in 2012. Kangaroo Valley was the perfect place to do...Read More

Pantone’s colour of 2012… Tangerine Tango

January 09, 2012     canDANA
  Happy New Year! I couldn’t think of a better way to start the new year than by celebrating Pantone’s colour of 2012… Tangerine Tango! This feisty orange should pop-up in every interior, in fact our very own front window featured this radiant colour for all of 2011. Candana trend-setters? Oh yes. You’ll be seeing...Read More