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Month: February 2013

Colour trend… Metal finishes

February 26, 2013     canDANA
Over the past couple of years we have been experiencing a resurgence of opulent metal finishes such as copper, brass and bronze.   Candana have always prided ourselves in offering our clients infinite options on finishes other than chrome.  These luxe finishes are a reflection that bathrooms are becoming more individual and bespoke.  Visit our Woollahra...Read More

Can a bathroom really be completed in a week?

February 21, 2013     canDANA
Roca Urban basins, exclusive to Candana Reality TV shows about building and interior design for the most part are a great thing, they have been exposing the general public to the great world of design and renovating.  But one down side to this reality TV building boom is the unrealistic expectations of building time lines....Read More