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Month: June 2011

Birillo by Alessi

June 27, 2011     canDANA
          How cute is this new giftware range by Italian mega brand Alessi?!   We expect nothing but the highest quality and quirky shapes from these genius designers and as usual, they’ve delivered with Birillo!   Come into the Woollahra store today to check them out

Top 10… Hotel Bathrooms

June 20, 2011     canDANA
La Maison Pujol (Conques Sur Orbiel, France) This luxury B&B in the south of France is the epitome of eclectic chic. Located 10 minutes from Carcassonne, it features 5 guestrooms that seem to perfectly combine modern eclecticism and classic design. Phillipe Phi converted an old provincial winery into his own boutique hotel with unique bathrooms...Read More

The Omvivo empire

June 14, 2011     canDANA
  It’s not very often that you see something that completely dwarfs you (unless you’re my height, of course) and amazes you with pure size and power. But this is what happened when Marc and myself were lucky enough to be sent down to Melbourne to visit the Schiavello group factory and Omvivo showroom. You’ve...Read More