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Month: August 2014

5 mins with… David Moses of Horizon Habitats

August 18, 2014     canDANA
For this edition of ‘5 mins with…’ we’ve interviewed well-known Sydney builder David Moses of Horizon Habitats. Horizon Habitats have been building and maintaining homes across Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and North Shore for the last 25 years. They’ve built some of the most luxurious homes in Sydney (if not, Australia) and we’ve been lucky enough to...Read More

AXOR LampShower

August 04, 2014     canDANA
    Oki Sato from Japanese design studio Nendo loves creating moments of surprise. So he completely baffles us with a lamp that is actually a shower. Inspired by a floor lamp, his dream is to combine totally different living areas. What would a combined shower and light look like? One where you can simply...Read More