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Month: February 2012

5 mins with… Hare & Klein

February 22, 2012     canDANA
Sydney home Hare & Klein Pty Ltd formed in 1988, is an experienced and respected team of interior designers committed to creating original and individual interiors of quality that stand the test of time.   Hare & Klein have been a valuable client of Candana’s for almost two decades and continue to design and specify...Read More

Light up my life

February 20, 2012     canDANA
Bathroom by Ghislaine Vinas   Lighting has always played a massive role in any sort of design, whether it be interior, architectural or even civil. It can be just as emotive as colour or texture and completely transform a space.   It’s extremely important to take lighting into consideration when designing a bathroom. Whether it...Read More

Sporting Chance Charity Run

February 17, 2012     canDANA
Managing director of Candana, Marc Reed had two resolutions this year; the first was to get fit and the second was to do something worthwhile for charity.   He started running a little over 2 months ago and has set himself a goal of running the Sydney Morning Herald half marathon on Sunday May 20th....Read More

Happy love day

February 13, 2012     canDANA
  Vola HV1 basin mixer, pink $734 Outliving Flip bin, red $40 Gedy Yannis stool, red $99 Vola HV1 basin mixer, red $734 Gedy Rainbow tumbler, red $25 Outliving Flip bin, pink $40

5 mins with… Sarah Davison Interior Design

February 09, 2012     canDANA
  Previously known as ARA Design Studio, Sarah Davison Interior Design has been creating harmonious, life-enhancing interiors since 1998. With an emphasis on beauty, quality and functionality, Sarah Davison is able to design interiors for her clients based on the individual and not one particular style.   We at Candana have had the pleasure of...Read More

RR House by Studio Guilherme Torres

February 07, 2012     canDANA
This super cool penthouse apartment in São Paulo, Brazil was designed by young architect Guilherme Torres.   Guilherme Torres designed the space around the bookshelf that surrounds the living room, this shelf is by no means just a book shelf. It houses collections, electronics and is also a workstation!   Polymer cement was used on...Read More