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Month: September 2017

Trend: Maximalist Bathrooms

September 27, 2017     canDANA
Minimalism is so last year! Its time to embrace colour, shapes and pattern and turn your bathroom into a fun and inviting space. We’re seeing a developing trend of beautiful bright colours and clashing patterns in tiles, towels and tap finishes. What a fantastic way to show your personality and add maximum style to your...Read More

NEW: Industrica by Brodware

September 20, 2017     canDANA
Inspired by the raw Industrial Era, the Industrica collection looks back through time to offer a sophistication of its own. Embracing natural materials, the architectural lines and organic textures express a whole new aesthetic language. The repetition of circular shapes enhances the industrial feel, while presenting a distinct style and a unified modern form for...Read More

Trend: Millennial Pink

September 08, 2017     canDANA
  What is Millennial Pink (aka Tumblr pink)? It’s not actually one colour but rather it’s a range of pink shades from beige with a dusting of blush to a salmon-peach hybrid and it is EVERYWHERE. From Fashion and interiors to graphic design and film, this spectrum of pinks has taken over a generation. It...Read More

NEW: DuraSquare by Duravit

September 05, 2017     canDANA
  Sanitary mega-brand Duravit are known to listen to the market and bring out new ranges to suit, and they have done just that with the release of the very on-trend DuraSquare. The range features a beautifully finished square line that is striking yet soft and a thin edge that was previously unheard of in...Read More

Trend: Terrazzo

September 04, 2017     canDANA
Terrazzo is back! And not just on the floors of Italian apartments! Terrazzo was created when resourceful Venetian mosaic workers discovered a way to reuse marble remnants. With odd-size chips, they began to build terraces around their living quarters. A mixture of cement, marble aggregates and pigments, terrazzo can either be made into precast elements...Read More