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Month: July 2014

Game Of Thrones

July 29, 2014     canDANA
Considered by many people to be the taboo subject of bathrooms, choosing the right toilet will probably be the most important choice you may have to make when renovating or building a bathroom.   Not only does this essential object need to be aesthetically pleasing, it is important to have a toilet which is easy...Read More

Trend: The Midas Touch

July 18, 2014     canDANA
Tom Dixon Void pendant  Outliving TOOTH brush holder West Elm soap dispensers Brodware Michelangelo wall set Decor Walther toothbrushes Vola HV1

Do or Don’t: Wallpaper in bathrooms

July 07, 2014     canDANA
Wallpaper can be a tricky wall covering to pull off in bathrooms. It should most definitely only be used in powder rooms and non wet-areas but when done correctly can look absolutely breathtaking. Whether it is an over-the-top print or subtle geometric pattern (as shown in the image above) wallpaper will instantly turn a cold,...Read More

New Product Preview: Zucchetti Closer

July 01, 2014     canDANA
An eclectic concept by Diego Grandi for an unusual showerhead. CLOSER will be a big-appeal design object, both poetic and essential, a more dynamic reworking of the traditional idea of the showerhead for total relaxation designed to suit the individual.   “Extremely flexible, adjustable and extendible, inspired by the famous “Zucchetti – Domatori d’acqua (water...Read More