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Super Starck

August 03, 2011     canDANA
  “Design without humor is not human. The word ‘beautiful’ does not mean anything. Only coherence counts. An object, design or not, is primarily an object that meets the parameters of human intelligence, which reconciles opposites. The lack of humor is the definition of vulgarity. ” -Philippe Starck   A personal hero of mine and...Read More

Candana Website Launch Party!

July 29, 2011     canDANA
  After 18 months of blood, sweat and tears (ok it wasn’t that dramatic, but it was close!) it was finally time to introduce our industry changing website to the world!     Wednesday 27th July 6.30pm, the scene was set with both Candana buildings completely awash with water reflective lights, a copper bath filled...Read More

Please sir, may I have some Moore?!

July 20, 2011     canDANA
    Known for his minimal, sleek approach to architecture and design, Ian Moore has recently created a fantastic black and white home in our backyard (Surry Hills) and we think it is monochromatic genius! Originally built in 1895 as a grocery warehouse, the Strelein Warehouse is a beautiful blend of black and white and...Read More

Do the white thing

July 15, 2011     canDANA
As you most probably know by now, Candana love colour! But we all know that there is nothing more classic and stylish than a minimal white bathroom. Gone are the days of matching peach, turquoise and baby blue sanitary ware. We are all about embracing a clean, sleek bathroom design filled with beautiful shapes and...Read More

Cool KV1’s

July 11, 2011     canDANA
          The most iconic mixer of all time, the Vola KV1 is constantly popping up in all types of fit-outs, from the classic contemporary to the kitschy colourful designs. This wonderful tap has also been spotted at the infamous Ivy bars, in a classic white finish.

Bouroullec Brothers do Bathrooms

July 03, 2011     canDANA
  Where do you even begin with the Bouroullec Brothers? Renowned the world over, they are winners of numerous design accolades such as ‘Designers of the year’ at the Salon Du Meuble (2002), ‘New designers award’ at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (New York, 1999) and The Danish design award (Copenhagen, 2010) and have designed...Read More

Birillo by Alessi

June 27, 2011     canDANA
          How cute is this new giftware range by Italian mega brand Alessi?!   We expect nothing but the highest quality and quirky shapes from these genius designers and as usual, they’ve delivered with Birillo!   Come into the Woollahra store today to check them out

Top 10… Hotel Bathrooms

June 20, 2011     canDANA
La Maison Pujol (Conques Sur Orbiel, France) This luxury B&B in the south of France is the epitome of eclectic chic. Located 10 minutes from Carcassonne, it features 5 guestrooms that seem to perfectly combine modern eclecticism and classic design. Phillipe Phi converted an old provincial winery into his own boutique hotel with unique bathrooms...Read More

The Omvivo empire

June 14, 2011     canDANA
  It’s not very often that you see something that completely dwarfs you (unless you’re my height, of course) and amazes you with pure size and power. But this is what happened when Marc and myself were lucky enough to be sent down to Melbourne to visit the Schiavello group factory and Omvivo showroom. You’ve...Read More

5 mins with… Miss Mia from Briony Fitzgerald Interior Design

May 31, 2011     canDANA
BFID are a bespoke interior design studio that specialise in spatial planning + custom designed hand finished products of the highest quality. Briony Fitzgerald Design brings over 15 years of design experience delivering unique insights into the use and transformation of space. I had the pleasure of attending design school with Miss Mia and was...Read More